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Reinforced concrete pipe is manufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM Designation C76 and C655. Normally supplied in standard diameters of 12 to 96 inches and in laying lengths of six and eight feet for class three, four and five, with T & G joints. Larger diameters and specials are available. Low-Head pressure pipe is manufactured to ASTM C361/ AWWA C302 and ASTM C361 and is manufactured in 36" to 60" diameters as, T-Lock lined with High-strength concrete.

Concrete Cylinder Pipe is designed and manufactured in accordance with ANSI/ AWWA Standard Diameters of 10 to 54 inches and in laying lengths of 32, 36 and 40 feet for operating pressures up
to 500psi. Larger diameters, shorter lengths and designs for greater operating pressures can
be produced.

For most applications Ameron box culverts are manufactured in conformance with ASTM C789
and AASHTO M259 in square and rectangle shapes and in sizes from 1' x 4' to 12' x 15'. They are furnished with a simple tongue and groove joint for rapid onsite assembly and are available with either the standard square end or with spigot ends beveled up to 6 degrees to accommodate curved layouts. For shallow cover installations or highway loadings, construction conforms to ASTM C850 and AASHTO M273.

HECO Precast Concrete Manholes and Handholes are manufactured to Hawaiian Electric Co., Inc. specification No. CS9401 in sizes from 4 x 6-6 to 6 x 15 for Manholes, with available grade rings, and 3 x 5 to 6 x 12 Handholes with concrete covers. GTE Hawaii Telephone Manholes, in sizes from 4 x 6-6 to 10 x 12 and 3 x 5 handhole are manufactured to specification No. GTS-8395.

Reinforced Precast Manhole sections are manufactured per ASTM C478 for Sewer or Drain Manhole, Risers and Bases and Concentric, Eccentric of Flat Top Cone configurations with T & G joints. Polypropylene rungs are standard with stainless steel available. Castings, Adaptors and Grade Rings are also available. Flexible Manhole Connectors are manufactured to ASTM C923 by Kor-N-Seal.

D&L Foundry, as specified by the Department of Public Works, the counties of The State of Hawaii, Frames and Water Covers conform to Water Supply departments for the counties of the State of Hawaii. Frames, Slotted Covers, Drain Grates, Rings and Covers are Also Available for National Standard specifications.

Type A Valve and Type B and X Meter Boxes are available, with concrete or cast iron covers, meeting the Department of Public Works and Water Supply standards for the Counties of the State of Hawaii.

Local standards apply for the 3, 6 and 8 foot precast Parking Bumpers, with and without slots, 12 inch Concrete Water Spreaders and 12, 18 and 24 inch Dry-wells and Clean Out with available Cast Iron and Concrete Covers. Stainless Steel of P-14850 Polypropylene and Galvanized Rungs conform to the Department of Public Works, The Counties of the State of Hawaii with the P-14850 Polypropylene Rung also meeting the Water Supply Standards. As the distributor for the T-Lock/Amerplate, made from high polymer vinyl chloride resins extrude under high temperature and pressure to form an extremely dense and impervious liner, Ameron Hawaii offers training and testing for installers, and rental of welding equipment and spark testers. T-Lock/Amerplate is made specifically for concrete pipe, tunnels and structures, to provide a continuous plastic lining which resists hydrogen sulfide and other sewer gases, acids alkalis and salts. Available in 4 x 8 sheets and 50-foot rolls, accessory strips, projecting tee-shaped ribs securely anchor the lining to the concrete. Rubber Gaskets for CCP are manufactured to ANSI/AWWA C303 and for RCP, with flared bell joint, to ASTM C361 and ASTM C443. Flexible Plastic Gaskets for sealing T & G Joints conform to AASHTO M198 and ASTM C990.

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